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Social listening and media monitoring in visualized key metrics

Analyze, track and plan brand communications

Customized dashboards and KPI’s dynamics

Find out what is being said about your brand in social media and mainstream

LOOQME Hub is a tool for understanding and assessing the impact of mainstream and social networks on communications.

All the important information, such as structured brand mentions and priority metrics, is available in your personal LOOQME Hub account.

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Why are dashboards so cool

Interactive — share and perform current data in few clicks to your team, management, clients
Flexible — create and edit new widgets with customized performance metrics
Dynamic — track changes in real time and find correlations
Comparable — compare performance over time, find correlations between them, and improve metrics

Who it is for

PR specialists and anti-crisis managers
Marketers and brand managers
Communications managers
Owners and top managers
Product managers and analysts
Project and event managers

All sources in one place

Online mainstream

Offline mainstream

User-Generated Content

Social networks

Online news, online magazines, online newspapers
Television, newspapers, magazines, news agencies
Review sites, aggregators, forums, blogs, Google Maps
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram

Global coverage

Social media, online and offline mainstream

News agencies

Data, news, reports, all types of offline and online materials
Measure how many brand messages were met by target audience and see the impact of communications on business results with LOOQME Hub

What you get with LOOQME Hub monitoring

Track brand mentions

Detect and prevent negative mentions

Social listening and media monitoring without constant manual search
Track crisis situations in social media and mainstream and react quickly

Know your competitors

Evaluate and plan promotional activities

Evaluate benchmarks, market trends and competitors in any context and format, understand the vector of development
Analyze structured and visually consolidated performance data and monitor KPI dynamics in dashboards

How LOOQME hub works








LOOQME collects mentions, choosing relevant sources with a content upon particular task or client.
The tone and role are assigned for each mention. That makes it possible to evaluate how a publication with a specific mention affects a brand in media.
Operates quantitative and qualitative metrics of your brands' performance in media. Visual analytics enables creating reports with numbers, diagrams and graphics.
Receiving information for strategic decision making based upon quantitative and qualitative performance indicators.
Clients worldwide
45 000+
Sources for monitoring

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