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Analyze and create brand profile with our unique machine learning models visually disclosing trends, narratives, reputation image

A truly data driven brand image

Work with multilingual spaces – this way we can consolidate the brand profile across all regions and look at each one separately.

Back away from illusions about what customers say and share – evaluate brand image and check its perceiving intended brand associations

Have a data driven BRAND image:

How is our brand perceived now?
Our approach provides an unbiased brand reputation profile as is and narratives around it.
What current brand attributes are strong and unique?
We evaluate existing brand attributes and whether they differ from the intended ones set to meet company goals.
Does our intended brand identity meet customers?
Our solution determines narratives where your brand is discussed so you can clearly see the context of discussions.
How do I assess the competitive market and current trends?
Our smart tool groups logically connected mentions to see the information field without reference to a keyword or request. The trends show topics and narratives that exist now and how they develop in time.
How does our communication strategy impact our business goal?
Analyze the desired brand profile by each attribute and evaluate mentions trends changes.

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