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Market analysis based on individual parameters or existing branch research
Market benchmarks and competitor analysis
Industry Watcher
with what EFFECT?
for WHOM?
through which CHANNELS?
WHO publishes WHAT?
WHO publishes WHAT?
through which CHANNELS?
for WHOM?
with what EFFECT?
Market analysis based on individual parameters or existing branch researc
Market benchmarks and competitor analysis
Industry Watcher
sources and channels
analysis of mentions
event /info drive
person /CEO
brand /company
Subject of study
you choose a field and parameters of a research
Individual content analysis —
with a detailed analysis of the media activity of the key players in the industry and the market in general
Existing reports
Ready-made research
— a research that helps assess the activity of a company, event, info drive, etc. in media space. It has neither market nor business sector restrictions.

Potential Reach, MFI (Media Favourability Index), mentions’ SoV in TOP-100 and specialized media are considered. The research gives integrated data for market behavior analysis and your role definition at the market.
Industry Watcher
Download an example
Download an example
Banking market
Insurance market
Construction market
IT companies market
CEO of leading companies
Agricultural market
Retail electronics market
Find out market insights to
launch a new product
establish or consolidate your brand among leaders of an industry
enter new markets
Industry Watcher
allows to compare activity of key market players in media, understand current trends, set goals, and find effective ways to achieve them
what market leaders publish in which media, how and when it happens
the most optimal communication channels to increase the audience
brand health and take care of its reputation
Industry Watcher research helps business
Compare your media activity on the market
Find the best media to increase your audience
Understand the media activity of market leaders
Assess communication trends in the market
Set goals and identify ways to achieve them
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