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New MyNews bot features

News Updates

MyNews bot is a Telegram bot that collects mentions by keywords and instantly sends them to you in messages. It is a simple and quick way to learn what is being written about you, your competitors, the football team you support, or the developer you want to buy an apartment from.

MyNews bot Updates

Our team is working non-stop to expand the media base: the number of news tracked by LOOQME has increased by 50% since the beginning of the year. As a result, we use even more sources to look for mentions of your keywords!

We are always working on improving our products to make them exceedingly user-friendly and easy to set up. Here we will talk about the improved features of our MyNews bot.

The functionality of our chatbot delivers a high-quality result while being intuitive in use. In the main menu, you can work with keywords and set up a personal user profile.

Find options to quickly change the language, tariff, and read instructions for using MyNews bot in your profile.

To configure keywords, select the action you want to perform in the main menu. The chatbot will then help you with the correct setting.

If you have not used our bot yet, we would like to remind you that you can set up to 3 keywords for free and promptly and conveniently receive all mentions of the topics that interest you.